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CPA webinar

Learn how a not-for-profit brand with 2,700 employees is setting a new standard for payroll operational excellence using the latest modern tooling.


Join the Founder of Paytools, Peter Forbes, to learn practical ways to manage payroll processes, approvals and audit, so you can improve governance.

Payroll webinar

Hear from the CEO of APA, Tracy Angwin and the Founder of Paytools, Peter Forbes to learn about the state of payroll in 2023 and how to elevate your payroll governance practices.

Launch of the Australian Payroll Governance Framework

This webinar features Louise Vidler, Executive Manager, Payroll Policy Governance at a major Australian bank, to take you through the Australian Payroll Governance Framework.

Understand the key payroll challenges in Higher Education, essential components of a payroll compliance framework and how to quickly get started.

Learn the current challenges in payroll and how to improve your approach to governance. Discover 8 essential items for a best practice governance framework.

Practical steps on how to improve payroll compliance practices to reduce the risk of under & over payments. We’ll also cover how to build a repeatable framework for managing compliance.

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