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Payroll management software to de-risk operations and elevate governance

Paytools reduces risk by centralising payroll operations, support ticketing and governance into one platform.

Create a sustainable, compliant and stress-free payroll function.

Payroll management software to de-risk operations and elevate governance

Paytools reduces risk by centralising payroll ops, support ticketing and governance into one platform. 

Create a sustainable, compliant and stress-free payroll function.

Managing payroll

Using Microsoft Office to manage payroll?

Are your payroll processes, proof of work, approvals and support tickets spread across spreadsheets, email, personal calendars and shared drives?

The Fair Work Ombudsman is targeting inadequate record keeping, governance and controls, making expectations in payroll governance higher than ever.

Paytools reduces inefficiency and helps you get a handle on your payroll operations by bringing all knowledge and activities into one dedicated platform.

Using Paytools

Manual pay operations

Processes, checklists & scheduling in docs, spreadsheets and email
Not auditable, hard to monitor & update
 No centralised view of obligations & payroll knowledge

With Paytools

✔️ Smart checklists, approvals & scheduling
✔️ Auditable controls, approvals, registers & proof of work

✔️ Centralised, secure & auditable platform for payroll operations

“The adoption of Paytools at UoS has allowed us to better identify and track our payroll compliance activities. It provides comfort and oversight to management that essential activities are being completed on time.”

Phil Heath, Payroll Compliance Leader

What’s the #1 risk in payroll? Turnover.

According to recent research, 1 in 3 payroll people expect to change jobs in the next 12 months and 40% said that efficient payroll tech and processes was their #1 priority when looking for a new role.

Protect your team with tech that not only creates an efficient and compliant payroll function, but also captures all important knowledge and processes to minimise turnover disruption. 

Payroll burnout
Record keeping

Elevate the payroll support desk

Are you using a shared Outlook inbox to manage, prioritise and respond to payroll enquiries?

Reduce manual work and make payroll look more professional with powerful ticket and workflow automation, collaboration and self service.

Surface potential issues and optimise support operations with pro-active insights.

Centralise payroll know-how

Payroll runs on a precise schedule, using detailed checklists to ensure pays get out on-time and accurately.

Replace outdated process documentation and manual checklists with a scheduling and workflow tool built for payroll.

Schedule, sign-off and monitor all critical processes in a platform that sets a new standard for payroll governance.

Paytools Processes

How is Paytools raising the bar for payroll?

Elevate payroll transparency with auditable controls, registers & proof of work

Achieve operational excellence by centralising all activities that live outside the payroll system

Shared schedule & know-how, so payroll always runs smoothly – no matter what

Provide your business insight into the cadence & complexities of payroll

What features does Paytools offer?

Payroll operations management

Schedule, define and track all payroll obligations in one place.

Payroll operations management

Payroll support desk

Dedicated payroll support ticketing software that will automate repetitive tasks.
Payroll support desk

Payroll governance tools

Formal management of risks, roles and responsibilities and compliance monitoring.
Payroll governance tools

Payroll is in the spotlight

“I wrote to the boards of Australia’s top companies, calling on them to elevate employee pay as a governance and compliance priority, and asking them to ensure they have the appropriate systems, expertise and leadership in their payroll function.”

Sandra Parker PSM, Fair Work Ombudsman, Annual Report 21-22

$ million total recoveries by the FWO in 21-22

Australian workers back-paid in 21-22

Enforceable undertakings since 2018

Compliance notices issued in 21-22

Achieve operational excellence with Paytools

See how easy it can be create a sustainable, compliant and stress free payroll function.