A new approach to payroll operations & compliance

Schedule, track and monitor payroll activities. Paytools ensures an accurate, compliant and stress free payroll function.

Build a repeatable and sustainable payroll function

Build, capture and retain organisational knowledge around your payroll function.

Setup your payroll events calendar to keep track of important deadlines for pay processing, lodgements and compliance obligations.

Schedule the who, what, when and how

Build repeatable and actionable activities containing clear instructions on what to do, how to do it and who is doing it.

Use reusable checklists and smart due dates to ensure the right actions are performed at the right time.

Payroll compliance schedule

Leverage our best practice to build yours

No need to start from scratch, draw from our 20+ years of experience.

Use our payroll checklists templates and payroll compliance calendar to tailor compliance activities to your own requirements.

Best practice library

A central place to track payroll operations

See at a glance progress against important payroll events and activity.

Capture proof that work has been completed. Raise and track issues.

See what’s happening (and happened) in payroll operations

Paytools gives you a timeline of upcoming payroll activities and who needs to do what.

A detailed activity log lets you keep track of what’s happened.

Paytools timeline

A structured way to work

Detailed checklists tell you what you need to do and why. As you work through compliance actions, show your proof by adding comments and attachments.

Need to add a reminder about this month’s payroll tax submission? Simply add a task or note to this months occurrence. If there’s a problem with an assigned task, raise it on the issues register for further investigation.

Event register

Proactive payroll data monitoring

Use automation and artificial intelligence to detect employee data issues early and remedy them before they become big problems.

Catch bad data early

Prevent potential under / overpayment and fraud issues by scanning your employee master data on a regular basis.

Paytools can automatically check for:

  • Missing information (e.g. no super record)
  • Duplicate values (e.g. two employees with same bank account)
  • Business rule violation (e.g. leave accrual does not match employee status)

Manage violations and setup whitelists to manage exceptions.

Employee Master Data Check

Improve company confidence in payroll

Build a partnership with the business by sharing operational and compliance activity and issues.

Show the good and the bad

Maintain a central register to record and track issues that need to be resolved.

Provide transparency and easy reporting around compliance issues and activities in one, easy-to-use platform.

Issue Register

Make audit time less stressful

No more scrambling through shared drives, files and emails to understand whether important compliance deadlines have been met.

Paytools keeps track of the who, what, when and how of your key obligations.

Audit Checklist

“Paytools lets me keep track of important compliance deadlines and makes it easy for me to show internal stakeholders that important compliance activities have been performed.”
Louise Burnett, Virtual CFO

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