Payroll analysis, compliance & controls

Paytools plugs into your payroll system to identify compliance risks, speed up pay reconciliations & provide audited controls for payroll processes.


Visualise & reconcile your pay runs

No more exporting pays into spreadsheets for reconciliation! Paytools allows you to quickly explore pay run results, browse through historic pays and compare the results of any two pays.

Surface all variances between compared pays at a net summary level. Drill down into individual payslips to quickly reconcile variances.

Pay Review
Paytools Health Check

Instant compliance checks

With just a click, analyse your Xero pay and employee setup to make sure you’re complying with the National Employment Standards (NES) which specifies the minimum entitlements for Australian employees. 

Paytools will identify any employee or setup issues, while remembering exceptions to avoid false alerts.

5 stars
“The pay review option is great. It gives enough info to advise you that there is a change and then you can easily check why.”

Rob Hoogendoorn, Concept Training Services

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Ready to start

Connect to Xero & kick off your payroll analysis in a few simple clicks


Constant updates

No more spreadsheets, Paytools will continually evolve with your business


Melbourne-based support

Locally supported, be sure you’re always meeting the latest regulations

Paytools loves Xero

Improve the way you payroll

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