Payroll operations management

Schedule, define and track all payroll obligations in one place.

Payroll operations management

Payroll support desk

Payroll governance tools

Payroll calendar & scheduling

Manage, assign and track recurring processes and obligations.

Define & share your recurring payroll schedule

Plan your recurring payroll activities and obligations. Schedule, assign and categorise events so everyone knows the who, what, when and how.

Payroll operations management

Keep on top of ad hoc tasks

Schedule, monitor and attach proof of work for important ad-hoc tasks ensuring correct processes are followed and everyone is in the loop.
Ad hoc tasks

Monitor the state of payroll ops

Tailor your payroll operations management dashboard to surface completed and overdue tasks, as well as a summary of compliance performance organised by category.

Monitor payroll ops

Checklists, workflows & controls

Build repeatable checklists, workflows and approval processes.

Detailed work trail

Add comments, attach proof of work and keep a full audit trail of all payroll activities.

Improve controls

Introduce better payroll controls with built-in approval stages & task notifications.

Raise issues

Raise issues on the spot when completing checks, helping to formalise issue tracking.

Payroll processing main checks

Process documentation

Build rich documentation directly connected to the process – so documentation is visible where task get’s ticket off.

Reusable templates

Simplify and centralise process documentations and work instructions with reusable templates.

Up-to-date documentation

Easily edit documentation as you go, so you’re always working with up-to-date instructions.

Paytools process template

Payroll registers

Raise, track and analyse issues, under and over payments in formal registers.

Formal issue management

Raise issues directly from workflows and checks, capture consultant recommendations and track compliance risks.

Issue audit trail

Assign issue owners, track actions and decisions made, while leaving a formal audit trail behind.

Paytools issue register

Overpayments register

Set up a recovery plan, either by entering payments manually or by an automated repayment schedule. 

Store important documentation

Add comments and upload all documentation under each overpayment, helping you maintain a complete audit trail.

Paytools overpayments

Track underpayments

Track everything in a formal register that is auditable and will help with root cause analysis.

Group underpayments by cause

Compliantly manage all underpayments, including employee errors and super bounce backs.


Notifications & monitoring

Get alerts and stay on top of critical tasks via email or Microsoft Teams.

Built-in notifications

Set up notifications for when issues arise or if a task is overdue.

Microsoft Teams integration

Get a Microsoft Teams daily digest of what’s overdue and due today.

Complete work in the tools you already use

Reply to email notifications to mark tasks as complete, no need to sign in.

MS Teams notifications

Monitor by category

Use the Paytools dashboard to monitor important areas of work and key processes, creating better visibility to improve payroll operations management.

Paytools dashboard
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“Thanks to Paytools, we now have a seamless schedule of payroll activities across our large team that provides clear oversight of who is doing what, when and how. This has allowed us to become more efficient when it comes to getting our payroll out on time as well as helping us to build in better governance practices. It’s fantastic to finally have software dedicated to payroll operations and I couldn’t recommend Paytools more highly.”  – Dan Watson, Senior Manager Payroll

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