Payroll Operations

Payroll operations management in one central platform built for payroll teams.

Payroll Operations

Payroll Governance

Support Ticketing

Payroll Calendar

A ‘schedule of truth’ for all payroll activities.

A calendar that gets payroll

Centralise all deadlines, payrun activites and recurring processes linking directly to actionable checklists and documentation.

Never miss a deadline again

Create schedules for users, teams & pay groups. Get notifications & daily updates on completed & overdue events direct in MS Teams.

A full history of payroll ops

Simply scroll back through the calendar to access a complete record of past events showing the who, what, when & how.

Payroll calendar

Pay Run Processing

Running the pays just got a lot easier.

Ditch manual spreadsheet checklists

Smart checklists ensure processes are performed accurately with the right controls. Set start / due times, user / team assignments, completion alerts, approvers & more.

Keep everyone in the loop

Leave comments & add proof of work against checks to show work is being done. Send daily digests & notifications to Microsoft Teams channels.

A secure, verifiable audit trail

Keep the auditors happy with a searchable history of the who, what, when & how of work performed.  Raise problems found to the issue register.

Paytools Processes

Smart Process Documentation

Finally, payroll documentation that is actually useful.

Process documentation when you need it

View detailed how-to docs while marking off each step in a process. Easily convert existing documentation with powerful formatting features.

Encourage continuous improvement

Easily update documentation as you’re completing any process. Access built-in versioning of changes, to ensure integrity of past processes.

Your library of payroll knowledge

Build & re-use workflows / checklists. Speed up onboarding by providing new starters a detailed schedule, how-to docs & role history in one tool.

Smart Process Documentation

Issue Tracking

Improve payroll problem tracking, resolution and escalation processes.

Mature issue management

Show payroll is on the ball with a full auditable register of issues. Capture issue updates, assign issue owners & set due dates.

Capture decisions & resolutions

Payroll is on the front line to spot compliance & pay issues originating from other departments. Keep a formal record of root cause, resolutions & decisions against issues to build a business case for change.

Raise & link issues as they come up

Quickly raise any problems as you work, whether it’s during a pay run step, reviewing risks or directly from a support ticket.

Issue Tracking

Unders & Overs

Formalise under and over payment management.

Move away from ad-hoc record keeping

No more relying on old emails & spreadsheets to track incorrect payments. Force data integrity, restrict visibility by group & categorise records.

Show evidence of remediation & actions

Add comments, actions & attachments to records. Setup automated or manual recovery methods to track repayments.

Identify root causes & produce reports

See what the main cause of errors are in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Quickly manipulate & export information for reporting.

Paytools overpayments
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“Thanks to Paytools, we now have a seamless schedule of payroll activities across our large team that provides clear oversight of who is doing what, when and how. It’s fantastic to finally have software dedicated to payroll operations and I couldn’t recommend Paytools more highly.”
– Dan Watson, Senior Manager Payroll

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