Payroll Governance

Elevate your payroll function with tools to reduce risk & improve compliance.

Payroll Operations

Payroll Governance

Support Ticketing

Obligation Tracking

Monitor legislative, workplace & policy obligations.

Track obligations that impact how people are paid

Identify, risk assess & schedule reviews against workplace instruments, legislation & policies.

Report on decisions & actions

Record key changes & decisions made about obligations over time.

Encourage proactive reviews

Set automated notifications to complete or review upcoming & expiring obligations.

Obligation Library

Payroll in the spotlight

“I wrote to the boards of Australia’s top companies, calling on them to elevate employee pay as a governance and compliance priority, and asking them to ensure they have the appropriate systems, expertise and leadership in their payroll function.”

Sandra Parker PSM, Fair Work Ombudsman, Annual Report 21-22

$ billion in total recoveries by the FWO since 2021

Australian workers back-paid since 2021

Enforceable undertakings since 2021

Compliance notices issued since 2021

Risk Management

Formalise risk & continuity planning for payroll.

Identify & assess risks that can impact payroll

Select from our library or add your own risks assigning customisable likelihood / impact ratings.

Define (& practice) actionable response & recovery plans

Create & drill response checklists that get enacted & assigned if a risk occurs.

Keep calm in a real incident

Creating an incident in Paytools will record & follow the response plan keeping a full audit of actions taken.

payroll governance tools

Learning & Development

Invest in your team to ensure compliance.

Easily track & manage your team’s learning

Track attendance & understand the training status of individual team members at a glance.

Browse our payroll training library

View & sign up for payroll courses offered by different learning providers.

Learning & Development

Controls & Roles

Add controls & clarify responsibilities for key processes & obligations.

Apply segregation of duties to recurring processes

Add approvers to ensure work is reviewed before being considered complete.

Restrict sensitive operational information

Allocate users to pay groups to restrict access to records & process information.

Make roles & responsibilities clear

Build & share a RACI matrix to show exactly who is responsible for what.

RACI matrix

Reporting & Audit

Because payroll doesn’t operate in a black box.

Keep track of payroll operations

Easily monitor work & team progress. Understand governance health.

Deliver C-Suite level reporting

Report on key payroll operational metrics.

A full audit history of payroll

Make audit time easier with a full audit trail stored of all activity.

Payroll reporting
Payroll edge

“I wish this product existed when I was still a Payroll Manager, it would have been a game changer. However, I love that it is here now and use Paytools both internally and with our clients to help them improve their payroll processes and governance.”

– Gemma McDonnell-Mossop, Director & Independent Consultant

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