Payroll governance tools

Formalise how you manage risks, create drills and track incidents.

Payroll operations management

Payroll support desk

Payroll governance tools

Risk management

Formalise how you manage and treat risks, perform drills and track incidents.

Formalise your risk management

Describe and classify risks with a formal process. Use our pre-built risk ratings or customise them to suit your business.

Proactively mitigate risks

Define how you’re currently working to mitigate your risks. Build response plans, so when something actually happens and everyone is in panic mode – you’ll have a structured process to follow.

Run drills & track incidents

Tabletop test incident scenarios by running drills and practicing response plans.

payroll governance tools

RACI matrix

Clearly define roles and responsibilities to key obligations.

This will help to ensure the accurate and timely payment of employees, avoiding delays or errors.

RACI matrix

Obligation library

Identify, review and monitor legislative, workplace and policy obligations.

Track compliance

List all important obligations including awards, enterprise agreements, legislation & policies.

Assign risk ratings

Assign a risk assessment to all obligations including impact, likelihood & overall ratings.

Built-in notifications

Set up automated notifications to complete or review upcoming and expiring obligations.

Obligation Library

Reporting & audit

Monitor key compliance areas in easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

Board / C-Suite reporting

Keep everyone in the loop with one-click governance and compliance reports. Annotate reports with commentary to add more detail.

Payroll reporting

Complete payroll ops audit trail

Store a complete audit trail of all activity including actions, comments and proof of work. Search and find past events by category, user or date.

Activity log

Best practice library

Leverage our best practice library to help build yours.

Checklist templates

Use and adapt our pre-built library of payroll business-as-usual checklist templates, covering pay processing, reconciliations, legislative reviews and more.

Governance assets

Our payroll governance tools allow you to quickly build out risk and continuity plans from existing content, as well as other proactive reviews.

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