Payroll Support Ticketing

Dedicated payroll support ticketing software to automate repetitive tasks.

Payroll Operations

Payroll Governance

Support Ticketing


Prioritise, categorise & assign support tickets.

Team inbox

Track & manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.

Scenario automation

Perform multiple actions on a ticket with a single click by automating repeated actions.

Canned responses

Provide quick, consistent responses to common queries with canned replies.

payroll support ticketing


Work together to quickly & efficiently solve problems.


Invite anyone from within your organisation to resolve complex issues faster.

Share ownership

Share tickets with other users without losing visibility over issue progress.

In-app chat

Avoid repeating yourself to get people up to speed, chat directly within the relevant ticket so everyone is on the same page.

Payroll support ticketing


Automate repetitive payroll support tasks.

Ticket dispatch

Automatically assign tickets to agents / groups based on keywords, requester or properties.

Time-triggered automation

Execute maintenance activities on tickets based on the time lapsed since an event happened.

Event-triggered automation

Set up rules that automate actions when specified events occur in a ticket.

Automate Support Ticketing


Identify problems, plan based on metrics & improve support desk performance.

Curated reports

Understand how different agents / groups are performing. Track ticket volume, time sheets & resolution times.


See what’s on for today & get a real-time view of daily trends, tickets & groups.

Easy export

Export any report or dashboard in a few clicks.

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“We’re only a few months in and the Paytools software has already exceeded our expectations. The service provided by their team is exceptional. They are always very prompt when responding to support queries and have even added new features based on our feedback!”
Dan Watson, Senior Manager Payroll

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