Ditch risky Microsoft Office files for payroll operations software

What features does Paytools offer?

Payroll operations management

Payroll Operations

Payroll Calendar
Create a shareable ‘schedule of truth’ for all payroll obligations and processes.

Pay Run Processing
Use checklist templates, workflows and notifications to manage pay run tasks.

Smart Process Documentation
Build detailed workflows and process documentation for activities in your calendar.

Issue Tracking
Raise and track issues from pay processing and other events. Track / report on progress.

Unders & Overs
Record, manage and analyse underpayments and overpayments.

Work registers

Payroll Governance

Obligation Tracking
Identify and schedule reviews on legislative, workplace and policy obligations.

Risk Management
Formalise how you manage and treat risks, perform drills and track incidents.

Learning & Development
Track what training your team is receiving and find more education opportunities.

Controls & Roles
Set controls, allocate roles by pay group, define RACI matrix for key obligations.

Reporting & Audit
Monitor and report on compliance areas. Capture full audit trail of actions.

Payroll Controls

Support Ticketing

Quickly prioritise, categorise and assign tickets.

Work together to quickly and efficiently solve problems.

Eliminate time-consuming admin by automating repetitive support desk tasks.

Identify problems, plan based on metrics, and improve support desk performance.

Medical and Aged Care Group

“With a new payroll team and a hybrid model, Paytools has been immensely beneficial for the communication before, during and post pay runs. We’re already experiencing many advantages of the tool, including the ability for team members from another department to seamlessly step in and complete a pay run.”  –  Chris Fletcher, Group Financial Controller

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