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Pricing is based on the number of companies you connect

$30 / month

per company

No credit card required

Prices in AUD, excluding GST


Paytools include the following features:

Pay Review

Visualise, review & reconcile pay runs


Visualise your pay run history

Switch between pay calendars
Compare & show pay run variances between periods
Display pay run summaries showing totals, variances & employee count
Drill down into employee payslips
Compare employee payslip results between periods

Payroll Compliance Checks

Check your Xero payroll & employee setup complies with the National Employment Standards (NES)


Employee Super Guarantee Contribution (SGC) rate & setup check

Payroll items that exclude SGC complies to NES check
Employee minimum wage is above NES minimum wage check

Annual Leave setup complies to NES Annual Leave entitlements


Personal Leave setup complies to NES Personal Leave entitlements

Pricing & Subscription FAQs

What is a company?

A company is a Xero Organisation that you connect Paytools to.  Note you must have “Payroll Admin” access to that Xero organisation.

Paytools pricing is $30 per month per connected company.

What limitations does the free trial have?

The Paytools 14 day free trial is fully featured.

Do you have any other payment options?

We bill monthly for every company you have connected.  Currently we accept credit card or direct debit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Paytools is billed on a monthly basis per subscribed company.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by going into ‘Settings -> Account‘ and clicking ‘Cancel Subscription‘ against your connected company.

Note: you’ll not receive any refund for the unused portion of your monthly subscription.

Supporting better payroll practices


Flag compliance risks


Speed up pay reconciliations

health check

Audited controls for payroll

Improve the way you payroll

Take a test drive today. 14-day free trial. No credit card required.