Annual license fees with no hidden costs

Per User Annual License Fees

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the Paytools pricing is an annual license fee based on the number of users.

Optional Support Ticketing Module

 Support Ticketing is an optional add-on to Paytools and is also an annual license fee based on the number of users.

No Implementation or Support Fees

Our annual license fees are all inclusive (implementation, training, ongoing support) so you never need to worry about additional surprise costs.


Is there a minimum number of users?

Yes, a minimum of 3 users

Can I provide access to others in the business?

Yes, we provide a number of view only users at no additional cost

Are you hosted in Australia and how secure is Paytools?
  • Yes, hosted through a secure 3rd party cloud provider in Sydney
  • Paytools sits alongside your payroll system but does not need to integrate or store sensitive payroll data
  • We also provide an IT Security document upon request
Not another payroll project?!

No project manager required, just a payroll SME/owner to liaise with Paytools

How do I get started?

Provide your existing checklists, processes and recurring events to Paytools and we’ll recommend a structure and upload them into Paytools for you within days

How long will it take to start using Paytools?
  • Your payroll team attend a training session (1 hour) and you’re ready to start using Paytools for your next payrun
  • Further training is provided within 4 weeks to progress with more advanced features
What Support do you provide?

Our Melbourne based help-desk is available during business hours (AEST) and accessible via chat within the Paytools app for a quick response

Want to learn more about Paytools?

Book in a chat with our friendly team, we’ve got plenty to show you!