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Annual Audit Preparation

(9 checks)

Your annual external audit involves collecting and demonstrating you’re following your business processes.

Make sure you’re ready for your next audit by having all your documentation, reports, and payroll data ready to go.

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Banking File

ABA File Handling Review

(8 checks)

A best practice checklist for processing and handling of the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) file – a known weak spot in the payroll practice for fraudulent activities.

ABA file handling practices review should be conducted yearly.

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Access control

Access Control Review

(4 checks)

Review users, roles and permissions in the payroll system to verify active users, segregation of duties and other breaches of user access.

This review should be conducted at least yearly.

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Payroll Legislative Configuration

(16 checks)

A review of your payroll system settings to ensure your base configuration accurately reflects legislative and business rules.

Payroll config should be reviewed at least once a year.

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EOFY checklist

New Financial Year

(8 checks)

Changes required for the new financial year and reconciliation activities once the financial year has passed.

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