Why Paytools?

A new breed of software, RegTech (short for regulation technology) is entering the market. RegTech enables businesses to better manage their compliance requirements, improve their internal operating capability and continue to stay compliant.

Paytools is RegTech for the payroll function.   

Our mission is to reduce payroll risk and non-compliance by providing knowledge, frameworks and automation.

Aspects of payroll compliance

Ensuring your business is meeting compliance obligations is a combination of education, process, surveillance and information management.

Building good habits, frameworks and tooling to support these areas is essential.

Payroll compliance platform
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How should you manage payroll compliance?

Typically, compliance activities are managed and performed by individuals manually, creating risk and dependencies for the business.

 Building a sustainable, repeatable compliance framework reduces key person risk, builds organisational knowledge, improves transparency and reduces the likelihood of errors.

So, what can Paytools help you with?

A central place to manage, schedule and collaborate on compliance activities.

No more excel, word doc, shared drive, confluence.

Provides transparency on who, what, when of compliance. 

Make it easier for payroll audits and to build organisational frameworks around payroll compliance.

A proactive approach to risk management and issue identification.

Finding and fixing problems at the root cause.

Paytools loves payroll

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