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Pay Review

Features - Pay Review

Payroll Tax Manager

Payroll tax manager

Compliance Monitor

Features - Compliance Monitor

Paytools full feature list

Pay Review

Visualise, review & reconcile pay runs

Visualise your pay run history

Compare & show pay run variances between periods
Quickly switch between pay calendars
View net employee movements between pay periods

Display pay run summaries (totals, variances & employee count)

Drill down into employee payslips & compare payslip results between periods
Pay Review - Approve

Payroll Tax Manager

Automatically calculate your monthly & annual payroll tax liability

Calculate monthly liability for each state, based on payroll data

Smart mapping of employee work location for tax purposes

Allows manual adjustments to include earnings outside of normal pay run

View YTD, previous vs current month figures

Get notified when approaching payroll tax thresholds for each state / territory

Includes quick links to relevant State Revenue Office information for contribution submission
Payroll tax manager

Compliance Monitor

A suite of health checks to ensure you’re meeting your payroll & employee compliance obligations

Super Guarantee Check

Employee SGC rate & setup complies

Payroll items that exclude SGC complies to NES

Close to or exceeding maximum Super contribution threshold

Wage Compliance Check

Employee minimum wage is above NES minimum wage check

Leave Compliance Check

Annual Leave setup complies to NES Annual Leave entitlements
Personal Leave setup complies to NES Personal Leave entitlements

Payroll Tax Compliance

Close to or exceed payroll tax liability threshold
Compliance Monitor
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“The pay review option is great. It gives enough info to advise you that there is a change and then you can easily check why.”
Rob Hoogendoorn, Concept Training Services

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