Developer in new payroll compliance startup

About the business

Paytools mission is to provide advanced payroll technology to ensure organisations meet employee and compliance obligations

We’re looking for a full stack developer who loves fast-paced environments to join our small start-up to work on analysing and identifying compliance issues in payroll environments.

Who we’re looking for

First and foremost, we’re after someone who shares our values: being disciplined and a master of your craft, an innovator who takes risks, and being passionate, honest and fun.

Of course, we also need a certain level of experience and expertise for a position as important as this one:

  • you’re team-first, and a great communicator – no bullshit, no buzzwords, just tell it how it is
  • you love teaching others about what you know, and you love to learn
  • you love challenging problems – you dissect and eat stuff like this for breakfast
  • you have experience with systems communicating via Webhooks, SOAP, RESTful APIs, and authenticating using OAuth, SSO, SAML and other technologies
  • you can work in a small team or independently
  • you write clean, simplistic code – no matter what programming language

We’re looking for developers who are happy to get their hands dirty in anything that needs to be done across our tech stack.

Our stack and tools

The main stack for this role includes:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tailwinds UI
  • PostgreSQL
  • Working with Xero API’s

Other tools we use

  • Amazon Web Services and Vultr
  • Source Code Management – we use BitBucket
  • Continuous Integration system – we use Codeship
  • Knowledge Management – Confluence
  • Application Deployment Orchestration — Cloud66

Reasons why you should work with us

We don’t just reward our employees with a salary – you want to enjoy what you do!

  • You love small companies – we’re 10 people under one roof where you get up-close to all workings of a true SaaS business
  • We run a transparent company – this means our people understand our strategy, performance, goals and decision-making process  challenging ourselves and learning new things
  • You love to push yourself – we’re constantly re-evaluating what we do, challenging ourselves and learning new things
  • TGIF – every Friday we eat together, finish early and let dogs roam the office for some furry fun!
  • Family friendly – we value the work/life balance – a lot of us have young families so we’re flexible with working hours and commitments

6 reasons why you should NOT work for us

  • You don’t like change – experimenting, testing and change is part of our culture
  • You want a job not a career – maybe you’d be better off at a large company
  • You live on the west side of Melbourne – it’s a long way to our office in Ringwood!
  • You really don’t like dogs
  • You don’t know what SaaS is
  • You want to be micro-managed – we are looking for a self-starter

If this sounds like your perfect role, send your resume and cover letter telling us why to info@paytools.com.au.