How to build a structured approach to payroll compliance

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Audit, Risk & Compliance, Payroll professionals

Over the last few years, the payroll function has moved more and more under the microscope. It appears that no organisation is safe from the risk of overpayments or underpayments, making compliance management one of the tougher gigs.

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Featuring Peter Forbes, Founder of Paytools, learn how to build a sustainable and repeatable framework for managing compliance obligations. It involves making sure that recurring activities are executed at the right time, following the correct steps and showing proof it has been done. Main topics covered in this 35 minute session include:
    • Key components of payroll compliance
    • Legislative requirements vs best practice compliance activities
    • A framework for payroll compliance & governance

Below are some results from the poll, asking about common issues facing payroll teams today. Lots of these are addressed in the webinar, reinforcing best practice processes that will future proof your payroll team.

Payroll compliance

We also walk through how you can improve payroll operations management – with examples from our payroll operations software, Paytools.

Want to get payroll governance sorted in your organisation?

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We’ll show you how to de-risk payroll, plus the many benefits of centralising payroll operations management using Paytools.


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