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Simplify payroll processing & wage compliance

Import your ADP payroll & employee data into Paytools to ensure accurate, & compliant payroll processing.

Import data in seconds

Import your ADP & employee data into Paytools in a few simple clicks.


Feed in multiple reports

Import ADP reports to compare & reconcile variances in one place.

In-built reporting

One-click summary export for easy variance reporting & payroll verification.

Simplify payroll reconciliations in ADP

View your payroll data & any additional employee information in a single view with Paytools. It allows you to:


Export summary variance reports in one easy click


Keep an audit trail tracking all variances, comments & rules


Auto-accept recurring payments to focus only on important variances

Accurate wage & award compliance checks

Paytools offers a built-in modern award library & flags all discrepancies for investigation. We’ll check that:


All under/overpayments are flagged for remediation


Each pay cycle is meeting internal & legislative rules


Your full-time & part-time employees are being paid correctly

Wage check dashboard

Why Paytools?

We’ll grow with you

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, we will scale according to your needs.

Safe and secure

Sensitive data will never leave your desktop & your payroll software will remain untouched.

Compliance check

Fast & cost-effective compliance checking, with easy to action recommendations.