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All your payroll data in one place

Feed all your payroll reports into one, easy-to-use tool

Paytools is compatible with most payroll systems. Import your payroll data and let Paytools simplify your payroll reconciliation and compliance processes. 

Chris21 and iChris

Paytools works seamlessly with Frontier Software, Chris21 and ichris, enabling you to conduct fast & effective reconciliations & wage compliance checks.

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Alongside Ascender employee self serve & payroll software, Paytools has been pre-configured to accept reports for improved payroll compliance & reconciliations.

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Xero is designed for small to medium businesses. This tool, paired with Paytools, simplifies payroll reconciliation & checks against the modern awards.

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Ascender Preceda is ideal for businesses looking to scale. This software works well with Paytools to streamline payroll processes – saving you time & money.

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One of Australia’s largest payroll providers, ADP can be used in collaboration with Paytools to create payroll processes that better meet compliance obligations.


Aurion HR & Payroll is suited to organisations of any size and works alongside Paytools for cutting edge Employee Self Service & improved payroll compliance.


Save time & money by importing payroll reports from Sage into Paytools. This is achieved through automation, faster reconciliations & wage compliance checks.


SAP provides cloud-based planning, budgeting, analysis, & prediction. Paytools is SAP compatible & will help to improve compliance & streamline painful payroll admin.


Can’t find your payroll system?

No worries! We connect with payroll systems by custom field mapping, just let us know.