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Payroll reconciliation tool for fast verification

Simplify manual payroll reconciliation processes & variance reporting.

Why are payroll reconciliation tools better than payroll reports?

intelligent rules

Built in intelligence

Flag earnings inconsistencies with out of the box checks. Setup thresholds for acceptable variances from previous pays.

Instant takeoff

Share your workings

Quickly share results with one-click reports detailing user & auto-accepted variances, comments & rules.


Wage & Award Compliance

Combine our payroll reconciliation tool with wage & award compliance checks for a complete, proactive approach.

Safe and secure

Safe & Secure

Our desktop tool ensures that sensitive data never leaves your hands & your payroll system will remain untouched.

How it works

Quickly import payroll reports

Importing current & comparable payroll reports is easy, Paytools:


Works with all common payroll systems


Has built in intelligent field mapping


Imports multiple reports at once from almost any source

Importing reports

Intelligent rules to flag & approve variances

Use our pre-built rules or define your own. Reduce admin by auto-accepting recurring payments, allowing you to focus on the important variances that require investigation. 

Intelligent rules

Compare current payroll to comparison

Save time by focusing on irregular variances that need attention. Sign-off remaining variations with a fast review & comment process.


Track your progress

The dashboard provides high-level visibility of your progress across the different pay types. Easily drill into the key causes of variance (e.g. new & exiting employees).


Quickly resolve new & exiting employees

New starters & exiting employees require special focus in payroll reconciliation. Our payroll reconciliation tool allows you to quickly review & acknowledge them, giving you a better pay-to-pay comparison.

New & exiting employees

One-click reconciliation report

Paytools keeps track of your reconciliation process, making it easy to look back & understand each variance at a glance. Access reconciliation reports in one-click, showing rule & user acknowledged variances. 

Summary report

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Payroll reconciliation tool

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