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Up to 50 employees

Recommended for 

Small organisations looking to quickly 
reconcile payroll for under 50 employees


$1 per employee 
Billed monthly

(20% discount for annual) 

50 to 1,000 employees

Recommended for 

SMEs with more advanced payroll 
reconciliation requirements

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1,000+ employees

Recommended for 

Large organisations looking to reconcile 
payroll for over 1,000 employees

Key features

Runs on your desktop
Reconcile pays easily & securely. No data leaves your desktop
Exception Management
Acknowledge exceptions in bulk or individually
Smart Data Import
Accepts common payroll system reports or map custom data fields
Summary report
Summary Report Export
Create a PDF of your pay period reconciliation to share with other people

Custom rules
Create Custom Rules
Variance, comparison or exceeds value rules against any pay types
Easy Period Rollover
Quick rollover of each pay period for an always up-to-date comparison

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Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure and private?
Yes, PayRec has been built as a Microsoft Excel engine to ensure that data never leaves your desktop. PayRec has one external connection to an encrypted google sheet, which allows us to manage customer subscriptions.

Do I need a lot of technical experience to use PayRec?
You don’t need to be a developer or technical to use PayRec. Anyone can reconcile their payroll on our platform. If you do find yourself needing some help, reach out to our support team or visit our helpful knowledge base.

What HR systems does PayRec work with?
All common payroll system reports work with PayRec. If you have a payroll system that hasn’t previously been configured, you can custom map your own fields. All you have to do is to match the category fields in your payroll report to the existing fields in PayRec.

I have more questions!
Of course you do! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the platform or pricing. Check out our help centre or schedule a chat

Compatible with all HR Systems

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Any questions?

Visit our PayRec knowledge base or reach out for additional pricing info or a full product tour.

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