Payroll Compliance Monitor

Fill compliance gaps with instant payroll & employee setup checks

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Run a compliance check, anytime

With just one click, payroll compliance monitor will run a complete scan of your payroll system to make sure it complies with National Employment Standards (NES).

Compliance Monitor
Compliance Monitor

Avoid paying too much or too little Super Guarantee

Make sure your SGC rate setup & SGC pay items are configured correctly. Gain visibility over employees approaching the SGC max threshold. Drill down into a detailed list of pay items and employees for review.

Are all your employees paid above Minimum Wage?

See a list of employees that don’t comply with National Minimum Wage requirements or earn under $20.33 per hour. Review in detail for misconfiguration, then action each flagged record by fixing in your payroll system or ignore it as an exemption (Paytools remembers exceptions to ignore for next time too).

Minimum wage
Compliance monitor - Leave

Check your employee’s Leave Entitlements are a-okay

Double check that every employee’s annual / personal leave setup and entitlements comply with the NES. Review employees with potential entitlements or termination pay out misconfigurations.

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