We know it, you know it, calculating Australian payroll tax liability is a pain. If you employ across multiple states/territories or have a grouped company structure, you’re more prone to incorrect payroll tax estimates – resulting in underpayments, fines & penalties.

We’ve heard from lots of organisations that they want a better process, so we’ve developed helpful tools to simplify payroll tax management.

1. Quick guide to payroll tax compliance [PDF download]

Your one-stop simplified guide that explains state-by-state:

  • Tax rates
  • Thresholds
  • Government relief, concessions & incentives

This is ideal for organisations with employees across multiple states, also included is a basic checklist for effective payroll tax management.

Payroll tax compliance quick guide

2. Payroll Tax Manager [Xero certified Free App]

Are you a Xero user concerned about payroll tax compliance? Here’s a free tool that automatically calculates your payroll tax monthly liability for each state/territory, reading directly from your Xero company.

With Payroll Tax Manager you can:

  • Run automated checks to see if you’re approaching payroll tax thresholds
  • Automatically estimate monthly payroll tax liability 

3. Payroll tax calculator 

An easy-to-use spreadsheet that automates payroll tax calculations for employees across multiple states and territories.

We keep up with the latest rules and concessions to help you get a better understanding of your required tax liability.

Payroll tax calculator

See how it works in our 90 second tutorial:

Hope it’s helpful! If you have any payroll tax questions, get in touch. Our friendly Melbourne-based team is always up for a chat.
Lee Kennedy

About the author

Lee, Paytool’s Head of Marketing, is passionate about all things HR tech. She is actively exploring the most effective ways for Australian organisations to solve payroll compliance issues.